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Wildcare Hydrosol


Wildcare Hydrosol


Wildcare's hydrosols come in a variety of choices, each sure to please every need:

  • OJAI WHITE SAGE: White Sage is commonly used in spiritual ceremonies for purification. It uplifts, protects, encourages mental focus & is an energetic cleanser. Daily use balances the skin’s PH, deodorizes & has antibacterial effects on the skin. The White Sage is respectfully wildcrafted in the sacred Topa Topa mountains of Ojai, CA. Potent.
  • WESTERN RED CEDAR: Wildcare’s Western Red Cedar Hydrosol is unique in that it offsets the notion of dark forest with incredibly light, sweet & fruity notes revealed through the magical process of distillation. Ancient trees remind us to cultivate our innate connection to the Earth & our ancestors.  High in Vitamin C, this makes a wonderful choice for daily usage on dry & irritable skin by acting as a tissue repairer, especially skin familiar with psoriasis & other common rashes. It is a powerful anti-microbial, which aids the skin in ridding unwanted dirt and bacteria.
  • ROSEMARY + BAY: In its camphorous mist, this Hydrosol recalls the sacred lore surrounding these green herbs from the middle ages. Both Bay Laurel & Rosemary are protective & said to attract fairies. Not only is this duo energetically supportive, this herbal hydrosol effectively provides superb eczema relief, deodorizes, has antimicrobial, & vitamin-rich properties. Give reverence to ye olde magic’s ultimate Skin Soother.
  • PURPLE MAJESTY LAVENDER: This ethereal mist will leave you feeling cool, calm, & prepared for the day. After the slow distillation process, the lavender's scent transforms into an incredibly fragrant honey aroma. Daily usage naturally balances PH for all skin types. It soothes sunburns & bites, aids in preventing ingrown hairs, & even comforts baby, while offering gentle anti-bacterial & anti-viral support. Deep in its mist, you will feel peace restored through the intelligence of its sweet purple blooms.

Comes in a 2 oz. amber spray bottle. A plant’s natural aroma will vary from bottle to bottle. Keep for up to six months in a cool, dark place.


Hydrosols, also known as Herbal Distillates, are the subtle aromatic waters resulting from slowly steamed plant material. Lovingly made using hand collected local spring water, and combined with ethically wildcrafted or organically grown plant material, they are distilled through a copper Alembic. Alchemists from all over the world have performed transformational distillations in these traditional alembics for over 2000 years. The actual process of performing the distillation has a 5-8 hour duration, a much slower process compared to more commercialized modes of skin care production. What results is nutrient-rich water containing the plant's suspended particles of essential oils and plant acids. Each hydrosol offers its own unique healing properties dependent on the plant distilled. The mist is incredibly gentle and well-suited for beings of all ages and sensitivities (including babies and pets). Wildcare Hydrosols are recommended as a daily facial toner, but can also be used as a hair/scalp tonic, energetic refreshment, added to baths and used in conjunction with Clay Masks.

Made in Ventura, California.

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