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MARGINS Moon Calendar


MARGINS Moon Calendar

from 19.00

Hand silkscreened print in vibrant water based color with a texture you can feel. The unique spiral design shows each phase of the moon daily. Full and new moon transitions are highlighted, and zodiac symbols listed. Let the moon guide you!

Printed on recycled paper in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council. Rolled in a protective low-density sleeve. Open edition.

Also available in a custom made sustainable wood frame that allows easy replacement of print year to year through top slot. Ships with plexiglass.

*Desert Sage color is available exclusively at Reform School!

Measures 13" x 25". Frame adds approximately 1.5" in depth.

Made in California.


Based in Ojai, California MARGINS specializes unorthodox printmaking techniques.

They work in accordance with sustainable printing practices that support the well-being of all living creatures and the greater ecological system of which we all belong. MARGINS also works with indigenous communities, using Fair Trade and tree-free papers whenever possible. The vibrant inks they used are water and soy based. 

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