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The Heavens (North) Print

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The Heavens (North) Print


The farthest you will ever see is through those rare moments of time you spend looking up. In the distance you might see a giraffe, or a map, a king or a queen. But when you look at the deepest parts of the heavens, what you may end up seeing is yourself.

"The Heavens" by Gregory Beauchamp is a Xylene transfer on 90lb, cream colored, 100% rag (cotton) sheet. A Xylene transfer is like a screenprint, but without the screen, and the art work is hand-transferred inch by inch.

22 X 30. Signed & numbered.

Made in Los Angeles, California.


Gregory Beauchamp was born in Bellflower, California and grew up in Tualatin, Oregon. He currently lives and works in Venice California.

"My work is a reminder to myself of the things I need to work on in myself — all about positive, love, equality, and how we’re all the same.”

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