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Build Your Own Canoe Plans

Build Your Own Canoe Plans
We know it's hard to believe but pretty much anyone can build their very own canoe. With little more than plywood and some basic tools you can be paddling across your favorite lake in no time. Designed exclusively for us in collaboration with a master water craft builder our plans include all of the instruction you will need to complete the project. These plans were made so that even those with the most limited woodworking skills can finish the job. The best part is that your handmade canoe will cost less than half of what those store bought ones do (and those don't come with bragging rights!) The plans include simple to follow, detailed drawings of each panel with all dimensions required to layout and cut from flat plywood sheets. all necessary drawings lists, specific building notes for this boat and a bill Of materials...And if that's not enough you will even have access to online support and a builders log. Your whittling days are over..You're in the big leagues now!! (please note, the finished canoe pictured is a slightly different model.)The Lake Cruiser plans that you will receive are for a partial deck canoe, also known as a canoe/kayak hybrid. Combines the openness and comfort of a canoe with the low wind resistance decked ends of a kayak. Use as a single person boat or for tandem paddling with a partner. Great for leisurely paddling, fishing or bird watching, etc. ***THIS IS A LICENSED ITEM. PLANS ARE NOT TO BE COPIED. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES***

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