Top Popular and Reputable Payment Methods for Online Shopping

Online shopping is on the rise. It is massive and keeps growing each day as more consumers switch from traditional shopping to buying products and services online. While online shopping is convenient, it can be risky because fraudsters can steal a buyer’s personal information. Therefore, it is critical to understand various payment methods and how safe they are. Online businesses as well must consider adopting the right and reliable payment methods for their customers. Additionally, they may also need to consider associated payment rates and transaction rates. Below are the top popular payment methods for online shopping.

Credit Cards

Use of credit cards is a popular online shopping method. It has incredible fraud protection and is very easy to have a transaction reversed by the card issuer in case of suspicion or if a customer did not receive what they paid for. A credit card varies from a charge or cash card. A credit card involves a third party entity who pays the seller then the amount is reimbursed by the buyer. In case one misplaces or loses their credit card, they may need to renew it then update their billing information. It is advisable to use credit card payment method only when one is sure of their protection. Credit cards are good to use on sites that one is familiar with.


Debit card

This is an inexpensive payment method that pulls funds from a buyer’s checking account. Debit card payment doesn’t need annual fees. Besides, it doesn’t put an individual into massive debts like the case of credit cards. This is because
one cannot make payment in case their account is drained. A debit card is linked to one’s bank account. Therefore, there is a risk of overspending. Additionally, if one’s card number is used without their permission, then it can pose a security concern. This is why it is recommended to protect one’s card information and use them only on reputable sites. Debit cards have protection, but money can take up to 10 days to be reversed. Users are advised
to be vigilant when checking their accounts by setting up alerts.


PayPal is the world’s popular method of payment. It records over eight million payments daily. PayPal makes it easy for individuals to transfer and receive money online. PayPal allows payment via several methods such as bank account, PayPal balance, PayPal credit, and branded debit and credit cards. Protection against defective or undelivered goods varies depending on the method one chooses.

Google Wallet

This is a PayPal version of Google. It makes it easy and convenient to pay and receive money online. Google is planning to release a physical card which will be connected to the account of users to make it easy to shop at retail businesses.

Amazon Payment

This is safe, convenient and easy. It allows users to receive money through Amazon API. It also allows users to send money through an automated clearing house. As long as one has an Amazon account, their information is securely stored.



This is as popular as PayPal. It was formerly known as Moneybookers and comes with many attractive features including low fees, free sign up and ability to send text messages from one’s account. It is a popular payment method that is preferred by most international merchants. It allows one to transfer money to a debit card for convenient spending.



The use of convenient, safe and easy payment method for online shopping is the best thing a buyer can consider. A good payment method not only processes transactions quickly but also assures the user of maximum safety. Listed above are the top online payment methods.